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E-views with Boomer Boomer's Webmaster E-View with Skippy

This is the first E-view in a new series called the "Webmaster Series". Every couple of weeks or so, I will be posting E-Views with Webmasters throughout the RCT universe and beyond. These E-Views will be exclusively with and only with Webmasters from many different sites and countries, across this vast electronic empire; better known as the Internet. This new series of E-Views have moved up a notch to a new level. I will still be asking some questions about RCT2 as usual, but these new E-Views are now more up close and personal and more in depth, as you are soon about to find out. I hope you enjoy this new series with men and women who put a lot of time, effort, creativity, money, and a whole lot more into their sometimes strange, but usually useful sites.

I want to start this series off as a tribute to a Webmaster who gave me a chance to post my articles (E-Views and park reviews) when no one else had heard of them or of Boomer, the guy who wrote them. This particular Webmaster is known quite well throughout the RCT universe, in fact you may bump into him at any given RCT forum, at any given time. Not everybody knows him by his real name, Richard McGowan, but EVERYBODY knows him as SKIPPY. He hails from England but his forum visits include many US sites as well. A remarkable young man, mature for his age, who we have already seen a lot of and I think we will see a lot more of in the future. His motto at rct:com is Welcome to the future!

My motto here is "on with the show" so let's get on with it. Ladies and gentleman of ALL sites and forums across the RCT universe, without further ado may I introduce and to some, re-introduce to you the one and only…. Skippy!

Boomer Skippy, I have had the pleasure of knowing you for quite some time now. I was even on staff at one of your sites (rct:2) when the first E-View ever, premiered with Dr. J. In fact you did all the hard work of coding and posting and promoting of many of those first (and popular) RCT celebrity interviews in the first E-View series. So I feel I know you quite well and I will assume you feel the same way about me. BUT I am not going to act like I know you at all on some of these questions, in order to let others who may not know you as well as I do, get to know you better. So with that in mind let me ask you my first question. You seem to be everywhere in the upside and sometimes downside, vast RCT universe! How many RCT websites, or other websites, are you on staff at, or help out at, or run by yourself as Webmaster?
Skippy "Well, I first joined this vast community in July 2001 (Yes, not that long ago) so I wasn't around to see the old RCTOA in its full glory and Danimation, along with Chocobogo's old website, which I have also heard so much about. The first site I joined was RCTUK in its glory days and have since been promoted to a Moderating Position there. I have also worked with Chris Fowler at SV4 Central before it closed. Mostly, I've worked on my own projects, self learning HTML and now PHP starting off with a small site hosted at Joshua Vanderburg's old website RCT-HQ. Since then I've gotten to know Josh and he offered me a chance to help bring RCTOA back, which I did accept and now run the RCT2 side of things. rct:2 has been the only website I have run, although it was called RCT World back in the early days".
Boomer And it seems that from those very early days you have had an endless flow of ideas and thoughts to enhance any given website, how are things going for you on the RCTOA network, specifically at your present RCT site rct:2?
Skippy "Currently, Josh does most of the coding at RCTOA so he is very hard at work in the background, which many people don't realise. At the moment we have a vast control panel from which we can update everything, as the whole site will be database driven. Look out in the near future for a sudden surge in content; you can be assured. rct:2 is coming along just as I had planned. I am a very specific person and pay close attention to detail so if something doesn't work I end up restarting (Yes its a bad habit), but the current design and layout I have I am proud of and like the pastel colours effect. Hopefully rct:2 will rival your home site RCT2.com in the future, but that's a long way off yet".
Boomer Well, I just had to get those first questions out of the way and now I'd like to go more personal in the nature of my next few questions as we try to get to know you a little better. Keeping in mind that these E-Views are posted on the Internet and viewed by several different countries, can you tell us where you are from and what kind of place it is to live in?
Skippy "I come from England. In a county called Teesside, a small town called Thornaby. England is a very nice place to live in overall. I enjoy it here, although the weather is a let down, but maybe we should put up with it as natural hazards are very, very rare, so I guess we are lucky. Honestly, I would recommend living here just for its originality. I know British can be regarded as Posh and very well spoken for, but 90% of the time that isn't the case, we are very friendly and like to help each other a lot".
Boomer Do you live with your family at home?
Skippy "Yep, at the moment I do".
Boomer I think you just had a birthday not long ago, do you mind telling us how old you are?
Skippy "Well I have just turned 17. I entered this world on the 15th September 1985. So not long before I will be freelance and fighting the world on my own. My family is great, I'm the youngest of three children, but the only lad, which is hard to grasp at times. My oldest sister is currently studying a Masters Degree in Psychology at London, so we don't see her that often. My mum is a Teaching Assistant at my local Secondary School and my Dad works for Administration at a local College, so I come from a rather intelligent family I guess, hard act to follow"!
Boomer Yes, that would be a hard act to follow! Does your family know of your involvement in the world of RCT and RCT sites, or do they just think you spend a lot of time at the computer?
Skippy "They know about it, but not to an extent where I'm telling them all the time. I juggle my computer time efficiently by mixing website work, chatting with friends, message boards and playing games, I don't know how I achieve it, but I can do it all and satisfy my needs and my friends without talking up too much time".
Boomer At the age you are now I'm sure you have given some thought to the future. You always said, "Welcome to the future" and now here you are looking it dead in the eye. Any plans or ideas you can share with us regarding your future, any career or higher education plans?
Skippy "Well, I haven't chosen a specific career path just yet, but I have my eyes on some. First, I've tried to join each emergency service here in the UK, especially wanting to be a Traffic Policeman. Since I am actually colourblind I can't join any of them, so I was really low when I was told. Being a Lawyer is a path I would like to follow, but a real put off is the amount of work that needs to be put in, and I wont start a career until I am mid 20's, which doesn't sound to good. I've started to give some thought to a computer games designer, and I will be finding out more about, who knows…. RollerCoaster Tycoon 5 Developed By Richard McGowan? lol".
Boomer (Laughing) Be sure to remember ME when you reach that goal of RCT5! Meanwhile, can you juggle your current interests, such as your involvement with RCT and RCT websites along with your future interests, such as your life goals and your career?
Skippy "I believe I can. But as I get older it will be mighty hard. I don't really have any "Life Goals" so to speak, but to experience some things are definitely top of the list. Taking a drive in a Formula One car sits pretty high. I am also in the middle of a semi-serious relationship with a girl whom I think the world of, perhaps she will be the demanding figure in my life that may slow me down".
Boomer We'll talk more about that girl shortly, but first things first! From knowing you, I already know you are an avid football fan. Now for you Americans, I don't mean our kind of football, but football in the rest of the world, which means an entirely different thing! We call it soccer here, but when you think about it "football" makes more sense. Anyway, I would like to ask you Skippy to tell us who your favorite teams and sports are?
Skippy "Ahhh! Football! The sport that gets the nation hooked on a Saturday! I love football. It is a huge influence on my life. People from other countries find it hard to believe just how much influence football has on a person here. Me, for instance, I support a team called Arsenal Football Club PLC. (Full title), they are located in London. Yes this is pretty far from where I live, but I have family roots there so that has an influence. Such is the influence football has on me, If Arsenal loose; I can maybe get annoyed at small things which wouldn't usually annoy me. If Arsenal wins; I am very happy and smile, life seems to go great…. Until the next week. Don't forget, Football is life; everything else is just a game…".
Boomer Does this enthusiasm for some sports spill over into the game world? Do you like to play any sports related PC or console games?
Skippy "I love sports related games, although mainly driving games. Anything that involves Formula One, or car racing (such as the Gran Turismo Series) gets me hooked. I can't put the joy pad down, until my thumbs hurt! I don't really have much time to play them now, but the racing around on the computer is a stress reliever and very, very, satisfying at times".
Boomer When your thumbs just can't take any more, there are other PC games to play that give the thumbs a much needed rest. RCT is one of those thumb-relaxing games. I know you like to play RCT. What would you say was your very best park that you have ever created?
Skippy "Strangely enough, I've never created a proper RCT Park. Not anything worth being paraded around. Most the time my imagination becomes limited as I can get distracted very easily, but I'm sure going to put a few together for RCT2.".
Boomer I hear that! Me too! I've got to ask you here Skippy, where do you get the time to cover all the bases that you seem to cover! I mean you are all over the RCT Universe. Just PLAYING RCT takes mucho time, let alone learning an all new and improved RCT2 game. Doing time consuming and tedious coding on yours and other sites plus posting and responding on numerous RCT sites, all takes HUGE time! There's scull and education, grades to keep up, expectations to be met. I'm sure you must work sleep in there somewhere, not to mention time for therefore mentioned sports interest. All this while living with your family, that I'm sure have some kind of demand on your time. And don't forget about your mates (friends) and GIRLS, the good ones demand PREMIUM time. So how do you do it, how do you make this all work?
Skippy "Honestly Boomer, I couldn't tell you. My typical day involves usually an early 7am wake up for college. Depending on my lessons that day I usually get half a day off. I use my time productively, usually start by checking round message forums and update rct:2. Then maybe go offline and spend a few hours with my friends or my very demanding girlfriend. Mind you, usually I have a lot of time at weekends, which I may seem to be online all the time, but not only I use this computer, so I'm usually logged in, in some way, shape or form. For the record, Emma is a Good one and she would come first before most things, but she understands the kind of Internet bonds we have in the community, and respects it, but still tries to prize me away"!
Boomer (Laughing) Hmm, sounds like my wife! I want to ask you a few questions about RCT2 now. This is one of those 3 part "loaded" questions. Do you have it, have you played it and is it as good as you had hoped it would be?
Skippy "Yes I do have it, yes I have played it, and I am happy with what it is. Although no real significant cosmetic changes are there (in my view) the game seems to have been polished up and is easier to work with".
Boomer Now I'm not saying I know Chris or anything, but If you could speak directly to Chris Sawyer himself and ask one question or say just one thing about RCT2, what would you say or ask him?
Skippy "I would probably ask him something technical, like how does his mind keep spitting out these kind of games? Or doesn't he get bored with things"?
Boomer (laughing) I think his bank account balance would be his silent answer to the bored with things question! Well Skippy, its fall here in America and golden red and bright orange leaves carpet the roads and Highways with an almost brilliant and absolutely beautiful fall carpet. But it also points to the old man of winter bearing down on us with little notice, little remorse and no choice. At least that's the way it is here in the Northwestern United States. But no matter what season or what country; those of us that have Chris Sawyers new RCT2 will be enjoying it for months to come over the long winter ahead. Your site rct:2, part of the RCTOA Network, will be posting news, and following the pulse of the RCT community. What do you expect to see by park makers who submit their new RCT2 parks to you?
Skippy "Really I don't expect to see anything. What I like to see is originality. Take KaiBueno for example, his parks are stunning, not only because of the way he uses the tools, but the colour and things, which I cannot put my finger onto. Whatever people like, as a preference is perfect, as people vary, and a variety is one of the best things at an RCT downloads page".
Boomer Besides your own site, what is your favorite RCT site that you like to visit?
Skippy "Probably RCT2.com. Namely because they focus on the same subject as my site, but the regulars on the forums are a great bunch and newbies are accepted in a friendly way, unlike some places I could mention, but won't".
Boomer Well on that note I'm going to have to let you go, we are out of time. But before I let you go I want to ask you one more question. Who is going to be the 2006 football (Soccer) champions of the world?
Skippy "England"!
Boomer (laughing) Well I guess that prediction will have to wait awhile to see if it comes true. I want to thank you Skippy for coming by and visiting with an OLD friend. You have always treated me with respect and I consider you a good friend (mate). It has been a pleasure and an honor to have you as my first victim in this new Webmaster series.
Skippy "It's been a pleasure spending time with you Boomer. Wish you the very best of luck in anything you do, and I won't be far behind you, trying to keep up with the pace"!

Skippy has left the house! Well there you have it folks, the first Webmaster E-View. I hope you enjoyed it. It's time now for this old man to say goodnight and get some sleep. Come visit again soon though, I'll have another E-View ready for you shortly, fresh and hot off the press, up close and personal!

Boomer is fast asleep before his bald spot even hits the waiting pillow. As he mumbles and groans in his sleep, in the midst of a no doubt wicked, perhaps even pornographic dream, he is oblivious to the live video streaming across his computer screen in the just recently abandoned office where his strange computer, which had been turned off, was now blazing brightly!

If Boomer had not been so involved in his wicked, old man dreams, he would surely have gone to investigate this strange phenomena going on in his office. But there were only shadows and echoes to hear and see the massive cheering crowd in London. In the center of the crowd that was pressing in on them in abandoned madness was the 2006 World Champion football team with letters on their torn and dirty uniforms proudly blazing the name, England! And if the walls had eyes they would have seen a young man in the background with a smile bigger then his face, holding up a sign saying, "England wins 2006 World Football Championship… Welcome to the future". Soon, even the lingering luminescence of the computer screen faded to gray-green and disappeared grudgingly into the jet-black darkness of the room and silence welcomed the inky darkness. And Boomer slept on.