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E-views with Boomer Boomer's E-View with Josef Drexler

It is with great pleasure that I bring you this interview with Josef Drexler, maker of the famous Drexler patch. I consider it an honor to have this opportunity to talk to him and share with you his thoughts on RCT 2. Josef, like many RCT celebrities, didn't give me a whole lot of Bio on his personal life and there are valid and prudent reasons for this that I'm sure we all can understand and appreciate. But during the brief communications we have had in making this E-View I did get to know Josef enough to perceive a couple of personal things about him. He has a great sense of humor and a very intelligent mind!

If you think Mr. Drexler rocks for giving us the RCT Patch? You should see the TTD patch he has been working on for Transport Tycoon Deluxe. We'll hear a little bit more about that from him in a bit. One thing he said about the RCT Drexler patch that really floored me was "I have had 260,000 visitors to my own sites".... That was not said in a vain way at all, he was explaining matter-of-factly that this is what he has seen with his own eyes on his own sites. The actual number of downloads of the Drexler patch from all the various sites across the Internet must be well over a million by now!

If only he received a dollar from each one of us for the patch, he would be a millionaire. Yet like so many of the trainer and utility makers for RCT, we get this stuff free and benefit tremendously from their endeavors. Although you may be shocked when you read how long it took Josef to make the RCT patch. But ya can't get shocked if I don't get you to it... And I can't get ya to it unless I quit yakking, so without any further ado let's give a warm RCT Community welcome to Mr.Josef Drexler and get this E-View coaster on the lift hill!

Boomer Welcome Josef! Thank you for your time. There's people about ready to bust their buttons waiting for the answer to this first question. So the first question I have to ask you, by order of your fans is, if we need a patch for RCT 2, will you make it?
Josef "I can't promise. I think I'd want to do it if I have to (and if no one else is going to make one), but I don't know if I'll have the time. Besides, I don't even know whether I'm going to buy RCT 2. And without it I obviously can't make a patch for it".
Boomer Well, sounds like there's a little hope here anyway but I sure know what you mean about the time thing. Of course not much is known about what may or may not be in RCT 2, but in terms of new technology, do you think the anti-cheat codes will be harder to break this time around?
Josef "My guess is actually the opposite. Remember that it'll be published by Infogrames, not Hasbro, and so far Infogrames have shown to listen more closely to what their customers want. RCT 2 will have a scenario editor, for example, and apparently a sand box mode. If it has those, most people wouldn't even need a trainer, if they just want to play without the financial constraints. But that could be wishful thinking... we'll see".
Boomer Interesting observation about Hasbro verses Infogrames. I know you said your time is limited and I know you have a lot going on right now but I was wondering if you still get a chance now and then to play RCT?
Josef "No, I haven't actually played it for about half a year now. I was busy finishing the Loopy Landscapes scenarios, but eventually I did get bored with them, I'm afraid".
Boomer Yeah, I was getting a little bored too, but RCT2 has got my curiosity back up again. I heard you were working on a project for Transport Tycoon, a patch or something, how is that coming along, or is it completed?
Josef "Yes, TTDPatch is actually what I spend most of my gaming (and programming) time with. It's less of a "patch" and more of a big update for Transport Tycoon Deluxe, in that it not only fixes some bugs, but adds a lot to the gameplay, as well as some convenience features (like automatic railway track conversion, which was a real chore before), and of course cheats! I don't know if it'll ever be anything close to done, I'm still adding new features all the time. The list of things I want to add is three pages long in small print. I guess if we ever see a sequel for Transport Tycoon I might move on, but that's not in the foreseeable future".
Boomer RCT and TTD are both excellent games by Chris Sawyer, both made even better by your own patches and I think now would be the time to say thank you from all of us who use them, so thank you! That being said; You may have seen the new screenshots of RCT2, released not long ago at Expo3. Also there's some limited information out on it. But other then what we already know about RCT2 what would YOU like to see in it?
Josef "More of everything, nothing in particular really. The possibility to have more peeps in the park, because 6000 sprites is a bit small, I like to build HUGE parks. And in the same vein, more cars for the single-car rides like the log chute, go-karts and the chair lift. Of course I would also like to see it not have anti-cheat code, just to save me some work :). Oh, and better support for multi-station tracks, for example the possibility for the passengers to skip the lift hill for the water rides (and others), by loading them at the top of the hill, and unloading them at the bottom, so that the boring part happens when no-one is in the vehicles. But I think actually one of the screen-shots showed something like that, it's just not clear if that's really what I think it is".
Boomer Yes, I think I saw that on there also. Looks like a 4d coaster will be in RCT 2 too. We finally have the answer to William Shakespeare's question; 3-D or not 3-D, that is the question and "NOT" 3-D comes back Mr.Sawyer's reply! But I keep saying 4D coasters or forty coasters, THAT is the question! Are you hoping for more new rides this time around or are there other areas that you would like to see improved?
Josef "I think there are already a lot of coasters, and many of them are very similar. It might be better to add a bigger variety of track elements to the existing coasters (such as horizontal loops, steeper helices or in general more sloped curves), than add yet another variation of and existing coaster. Oh, and there can never be enough flat rides. I'd definitely want to have a bigger variety of flat rides. Not only are they a big guest attractor to the park while having a small footprint, they also make the parks look more varied".
Boomer Indeed, flat rides can add contrast to coasters. Another thing that I was personally really hoping for in RCT 2 was the option of nighttime with lights. It doesn't look like nighttime mode is going to be there. Of course we can still hope, but things aren't looking to good at this point for that feature. Can this be "re-created" or simulated somehow in a patch or a trainer or utility of some sort?
Josef "Hmm, that's hard to say. Depending on how RCT2 works, it might be possible to just change the colour scheme to night-ish colours, and perhaps turn on the lamps. It doesn't sound to be very easy in any case. We'll see what the trainer writers will be up to".
Boomer It looks like sandbox is going to be there. Will that make your job of making a patch obsolete or will we still need one?
Josef "Who knows? I'm certainly hoping that it'll make my patch obsolete, but there's no way of knowing for sure until the game is out and someone starts writing a trainer".
Boomer Once RCT 2 is released, IF you buy it, how long will you wait to get it and look it over?
Josef "I don't tend to buy games right away when they come out, mostly because they're kind of expensive. That's why I didn't even hear of RCT until it was over half a year old and already famous, therefore it might take a few months till I buy it and form an opinion".
Boomer (laughing) Speaking of discovery of RCT for the first time, I know your brother plays RCT and in fact is responsible for YOUR RCT discovery, will this be your turn now to show him RCT 2 and return the favor?
Josef "Probably not, more likely the other way 'round again. He always has the good games before me".
Boomer So many grateful RCT fans throughout this crazy RCT universe both now and in the past, have downloaded and used the Drexler Patch. It is as common of a name as RCT itself. Are you aware of the popularity of the Drexler Patch and the widespread use of it by players everywhere?
Josef "It's hard not to be aware of it. Pretty much every RCT website has a link to it or a copy of it. I have had 260,000 visitors to my own sites, and many more people must have downloaded it from somewhere else. I guess that just proves how wrong it was to have this anti-cheat code in RCT in the first place".
Boomer Well, maybe Mr.Sawyer listened and learned this time round. Have you ever met or corresponded with the creator of RollerCoaster Tycoon, Chris Sawyer?
Josef "I have not met him personally, but he did email me about my patch. He wrote that he wasn't particularly happy about it, but wasn't going to do anything to stop me. More or less the same happened with my patch for TTD, although there it was his agency who contacted me".
Boomer I know you are busy so I will let you go, but I do want to thank you again for taking the time to give us your thoughts and to answer some questions for us. You have become quite a celebrity in this zany RCT world and it has been an honor and a pleasure doing this E-View with you.
Josef "The pleasure was all mine. It's not often that I get asked for interviews, and these days I don't even get a whole lot of email about RCTPatch, so it's good to see that I'm not forgotten yet :)".

Josef has left the house! Perhaps he will return someday and visit with us again. Maybe it will be to give us a new patch for RCT 2 that he may have created for it. But hopefully it's just to say howdy and to chat for a while. Well, it's late, I'm tired, and going to bed. I hope you've enjoyed this E-View as much as I have. Good Night and Sweet RCT dreams.

Boomer dampens the fire in the fireplace noticing the ever-widening area in the heat caused crack, running across the front of the burnt brick face. Turning off the lights and closing the door tiredly behind him Boomer never saw what really happened next, no one did, in the darkened room left behind. With no other light source available, a soft glow appeared momentarily from the large crack in the fireplace. Then, as quick as it started, it faded away, but left behind, on the fireplace front, the large crack was gone! Disappeared as if it was never there. It had been mysteriously, magically PATCHED, by something.... or somebody!