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E-views with Boomer

E-View with Amazing Earl

Have you ever pulled a rabbit out of a hat? I haven't, I would have a hard enough time just putting a rabbit IN a hat. Have you ever done anything magical and amazing like saw a woman in half (and not go to prison for it)? Can you pull multi-colored scarves out of your nose, swallow swords or make a white tiger disappear? I can't, although I do know a tiger named Mrs. Boomer who, with the aid of a frying pan has made my reality disappear and stars appear a time or two.

Most of us can't even come close to magic, let alone morph from a regular person to a clown right before your very eyes, tell an amazing story and hold the attention of large auditoriums full of people eager to hear and see more. But there is someone in our RCT universe that can to these amazing things and more! His name is Amazing Earl! Most of us who have been in the RCT on-line community for awhile know who he is and what he has brought to the RCT table.

He appears and disappears from the RCT universe in a puff of smoke bringing RCT goodies in his magic bag as if some kind of twisted RCT Santa Claus. He doesn't need any reindeer to pull his sleigh either because when he appears he's packing his own big red nose. But it's when he reaches in his magic bag and pulls out a shiny new RCT ride with pixie dust falling from it that the real magic and the real fun begin. If you want to take a look at some of the many "magical" rides and RCT creations that Amazing Earl has pulled out of his bag just click and take a look around at this amazing arsenal of RCT goodies, but prepare to be bedazzled.

Amazing Earl is a juggler also, not the kind that juggles bowling pins (well, actually he can do that too), but consider the other things he juggles. He was just recently married to Tobe' and you can imagine the changes that marriage brought with it, all good changes in his case Then there is his ministry that keeps him on tour and on the road a lot and the comedy and the act he does requires a lot out of him every time he does it. To get an idea of what he does just click and you will see what I mean. Then there is what he has brought to us here in the RCT community which has used up massive amounts of his time. So between that and all the other stuff he does I don't think anyone can deny that Amazing Earl can truly add "Juggler" to his long list of amazing credits.

It is my pleasure to "break in" the new "Room with a View", here in our brand new home at the RCT space Network by sitting down with Amazing Earl, who has just "puffed" back into the RCT universe after being gone for a while and be my guest in this first E-View in the new "Room". As he is an old friend of mine I was really looking forward to talking to him and seeing what he has been up to lately.

So for those of you who have been also wondering about Amazing Earl and what he's been up to, I would like to invite you now to join me in the Room for a chat with the one and only... Amazing Earl!

Hands and arms inside the car at all times on this ride, it could get rough and be aware that you ride this ride at your own risk!
Boomer: It is a real pleasure to have you here in the "Room With a View" Amazing Earl! You have the distinct honor of being the first E-View guest to visit since we moved into our new digs here at the RCTspace Network. We have a lot of things to talk about so let's just go ahead and get started. Before we get to the RCT questions though I would like to get caught up a little first with your private life in the real world. I know there have been some changes in your life and ministry recently and I was wondering if you could tell us about that and how things are going for you right now?
Amazing Earl: Glad to be here, Boomer! I see Sambo has really fixed up the place..fresh coat of paint and all. It's been a while since I was here and it's great to see all the improvements. If I'm not mistaken, you folks even hosed down Wagi! (It IS Spring, after all.)

Let's see. Since I last hung around RCT2com, I've gotten married to a wonderful lady named Tobe'. (Incidentally, SHE is the person who introduced me to RCT. I should have married her for THAT alone!) After that, I sold the house in Pennsylvania and moved south to Tennessee. Gotta love the weather down here...and being a Ministry Entertainer, if the "Bible Belt" has a buckle, Tennessee is it. Besides, we're only about an hour from Dollywood Amusement Park which has two of the best coasters I've ever ridden! I LOVE THE THUNDERHEAD!

As far as my tour schedule, it's been a real job getting re-established again since the move. But, I'm still working a lot...making people laugh every chance I get. Just the other day I finally hired a booking agent. I just don't have time to keep up with the office stuff -- which I hate -- AND the creative end of things -- which I LOVE!

When I'm not on the road, I've been writing articles for the Funny Paper magazine (mostly for other performers like me) and have a book of magic tricks and original routines that will be published this Fall by SPS Publications in Florida. I've even invented some new stage illusions; Walking through a Wall of steel, Visibly Chainsawing a Woman in Half and a few others. I'm working with some friends of mine in the business to bring them to market for other Magicians around the world.

So, I guess you could say that I'm doing well. I'm working...which means I'm happy. And even when I'm not working, my wife still laughs at my jokes. (Guess the honeymoon's not quite over yet.)
Boomer: Absolutely, as long as there's laughter, the honeymoon is never over, of course chain sawing your wife in half could end the honeymoon fairly quick. Where can we find out more about your sawing women in half, your ministry and your tour schedule?
Amazing Earl: Just head for my main website, http://www.TooDARNFunny.com
Boomer: It probably gets lonesome out there on the road alone Now that you're married, does Tobe' go out with you on tour or does she get enough of your craziness at home?
Amazing Earl: Occasionally she travels with me, but last weekend was special. I'd planned a birthday trip and her gift was three days in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and a Season Pass to Dollywood. The day before we left, I found out that a school near the Park was having their annual fund-raising carnival and that their Clown had just cancelled on them. I contacted them and offered to perform. Tobe' not only came along, but she even brought her clown character, "Princess," out of retirement and twisted balloons for the kids! She had a ball! Then we hit the showers and hit the Park. She said it was the absolute best birthday she's ever had.
Boomer: How cool was that? Tobe' sounds like a very cool Princess and I bet he kids were loving her. Does your wife ever play RCT?
Amazing Earl: Not much anymore...bitten by the Sudoku Bug. She plays Pogo a lot and VMK (Virtual Magic Kingdom), but RCT for her has fallen by the wayside. I guess she left that up to me.
Boomer: One more important private life question and then we'll move on to RCT stuff, now that you're married, how does it feel to have clean clothes and GOOD home cooked meals for a change?
Amazing Earl: Well...if I can get her away from that blasted book of Sudoku puzzles, I may find out one of these days.
Boomer: Perhaps you could find a Sudoku puzzle book of recipes, once she solved the puzzle it would also solve YOUR problem. Now let's get to some juicy gossip going around the community, word has it that due to private life and ministry demands on your time that you have had to give up your site where all your rides and amazing stuff has been located for so long. Your name is in the computers of RCT players around the world and your creations are part of many a RCT park around the world. Now of course I already know, but for those who don't, could you tell us what has been done to preserve the content of your ridiculously cool RCT site?
Amazing Earl: My name is in computers EVERYWHERE? You make me sound like a virus, man.
Boomer: Quite the contrary Earl, you are more like an addiction, a good one, your rides have addicted RCT players more than once and even I have fallen victim to that addiction. The Swinger and the boats and scenery for Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean are my all time favorites, I and many others love your RCT ride and scenery creations, why are you giving your RCT site up?
Amazing Earl: Actually, I didn't HAVE to give up the site. I just chose to donate its contents to RCTspace. The Members, Staff and everyone around here have always been so helpful and encouraging that I couldn't think of a more fitting place to host them. RCT2.com was always my RCT-Home-Away-From-Home.

Most people probably don't realize that "The Amazing EARL" is the name of one of the characters I use in my stage shows. I used the name as a handle in the RCT Community because...well...it wasn't already taken. I simply put my RCT creations at AmazingEARL.com because I owned the site and hadn't yet developed it for anything else. When I recently decided to return the site to its ORIGINAL purpose -- promotion for my entertainment business -- I didn't want these RCT creations to just disappear. They needed a new home and RCTspace was it.
Boomer: Well it is definitely our gain old friend and on behalf of the entire RCTspace Network and all the RCT players who use your stuff... Thank You! Will you ever consider designing new rides or adding new content to the site that has moved to the RCTspace Network or are those days behind you now?
Amazing Earl: I'd never say never, but I don't see it happening in the near future The RCT2 Disneyland Project tempted me out of retirement for a while, but how often does an event like THAT come along? Since then I've found other outlets for my weird imagination...not necessarily "better," just "other." Flash-based, interactive Magic Tricks, some cool new videos and some other projects I'm developing. They're at TooDARNFunny.com right now, but will be moved to the new AmazingEARLcom as time permits.

One RCT thing that I DO still hope to accomplish is to complete my Ride Making Tutorial. Of course, I've been promising that for HOW many years now? I'm not certain I'll EVER find the time for such an ambitious project...but I hope to. If I DO complete it, I'll offer it to RCT Space.
Boomer: A ride making tutorial from you would be fantastic for the whole RCT community, but until that is a done deal, are you or will you ever play RCT again?
Amazing Earl: At this point, I don't have any version of RCT installed on my computer. But I haven't put the CD's on Ebay yet...so there's still hope.
Boomer: What do you think of the newest generation of RCT called RCT 3-D and its expansions or have you ever tried it?
Amazing Earl: Well, when I bought a new computer, I did attempt to run the demo again...and it worked...SMOOTHLY! (I was shocked!) The imagery was interesting and the movements were good. Plus, I enjoyed seeing some of the things I'd made for RCT2 coming to life in RCT3D. (Were they peeking?!) All in all though, it didn't thrill me. The interface seemed difficult to work with...being used to RCT1 & 2. Building anything soon became a chore and all the micromanaging was more than I was interested in. I mean, I just wanted to build Parks in my imagination and bring them to life on-screen..and in RCT3D, it was too much like work. I wanted to pay attention to the detail IN my Park, not the detail of RUNNING it. I'm sure it's WONDERFUL for some, but not my particular cup of tea.
Boomer: What are your predictions for the future of RCT and the future of RCT fans around the world?
Amazing Earl: Well, I know that RCT3D has a devoted following...as does RCT2. I predict that they'll both go on separately -- the fans of each keeping their respective communities growing. It would be great if the two "factions" can find some common ground instead of simply arguing over which version is the best.
Boomer: Now that your RCT site will be closed can RCT players in the community still reach you and correspond with you at the RCTspace Network or are you, due to real world demands, pretty much out of the RCT loop right now?
Amazing Earl: I still read emails...and get them almost every day from all over the world. Most don't even realize that I've retired from Ride Making. They've only just discovered the site. It's NEW to them! But you're right. Due to time constraints, I probably won't be around much...although, you never know when I'll pop in for a brief visit. That "Anonymous" guest might be very familiar...heh, heh, heh...
Boomer: Oh I see, you'll be hiding and watching us, just be careful that big red clown nose of yours don't stick out and give you away. I nose that nose of yours is a favorite of those who watch your act, but out of everything you have designed and given to the RCT community, what is your own personal favorite?
Amazing Earl: I guess there are two ways I could answer that question I'll start with the obvious first:

I always enjoy breaking new ground, so the first in each category would have been my favorites. The "Swinger" was my favorite because it was the first user-created ride...thanks to Buggy. The "Tilted Whilrler" was the first I created by myself...thanks to Doctor J. The "Ice Skating Rink" was the first with that degree of animation and the "Dream Woodie" because I wanted to prove to myself that it COULD be done. The others are all special in their own ways. I mean, these things are like my "children." Ask any mother which kid she loves the most...and she'll probably slap you. (Although I have to admit, "Bus Stop" wasn't exactly "inspired.")

In a more esoteric way, my personal favorite thing I offered to the RCT Community was "imagination." I've nurtured a life-long passion for creativity and pushing the envelope. If in some small way I inspired them to create something entirely new or got them to push past their perceived boundaries, then THAT is the thing I'm most proud of.
Boomer: Could you tell us again where your website can be found so we can follow along and keep track of the famous Amazing Earl?
Amazing Earl: AmazingEARL.com will still be there...along with TooDARNFunny.com. Sister sites, with the same "amazing" Daddy. [grin]
Boomer: As you can see Dan, (Boomer pats overflowing belly) I put a lot of time and thought into food. So it is only appropriate that I close out this E-View with a food question. What is your favorite food and when do you next plan on eating it?
Amazing Earl: Hmmm...Well, I have this AWESOME Meatloaf recipe. I've given it to others, but no one has yet been able to duplicate it for some reason. On the other hand, Tobe' does work MIRACLES with Barbequed Ribs...
Boomer: (laughing) I believe in miracles! Speaking of Tobe' I know I have kept you too long and I need to let you go get back to her AND her Barbequed Ribs. It has been a real pleasure and an honor to have you back in the Room again Amazing Earl, you are welcome here anytime.
Amazing Earl: Thank you Boomer the pleasure was all mine!

Amazing Earl has left the house! I hope you all were as glad as I was to hear from this Amazing man once again and know that all is well with the one and only... Amazing Earl. He made me hungry so I'm off to dinner, hope you enjoyed the new "View" from the Room, see ya in the forums.

Boomer picks up his stuff and taking one last glance out at the ever changing view from the window in the Room, he turns out the light, closes the door and quickly disappears off towards the kitchen. But if anyone would have been outside that window looking IN, at that very moment they would have seen a very strange sight. The light in the room came back on! Then a puff of green smoke appeared and out of it stepped Amazing Earl. He appeared to be frantic and highly agitated. He was looking all around the floor for something in a state of near panic. Then while on hands and knees looking under the chair he had been setting in while being interviewed, a smile crossed his face and panic was replaced with relief. Standing up the Amazing Earl proudly placed the just found big red clown nose on his face and then Amazing Earl, his big red clown nose and a big white smile all disappeared together as the smoke drifted slowly away!

E-view by Boomer.