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E-views with Boomer
Boomer's E-View with Ogre

Setting out on this adventure I almost felt like Homer (not Simpson) starting out on his Odyssey! Equipped with only my sword and my laptop, I with reckless abandon began my journey in quest of the Ogre. There is nowhere better to go to find an Ogre then to go to his…. Lair! Ogre has agreed to this E-View but I travel a little nervously as I approach the Lair because Ogre doesn't give out very many interviews and I'm not sure what to expect! The dark hole of the Lair's entrance beckoned me in mysteriously…. Ominously! With one last longing look back at my beautiful world behind me, with a heavy sigh, I stepped anxiously into the waiting Lair! What fate awaits this nervous knight, I darkly wondered as I plunged through the darkness?

From out of the darkness and into the light I entered this Ogres den, this lair of repute. Much to my surprise and delight my sword was hardly needed. But my laptop sure was and soon I had it ready. As I looked around this Lair of delight, I realized this wasn't really a lair at all, just a cool place where an Ogre who wasn't really an Ogre, hung out at. Instead of cold wet stone THIS Ogres lair was lined with CD's, game CD's of many varieties and colors. As we started the interview I soon began to realize that this was one of the nicest Ogres I had ever met, well actually he was the only Ogre I had ever met. Deep in the Lair it was cozy and warm and soon our conversation started warming up too.

Join us as we chat with Eric Lizotte, the Webmaster of the popular and well-known PC game site and head of the Ogre network. This in-depth interview with him is rare and I am honored to be able to share it with the RCT community.

So nuff said, we're all harnessed up, the blood is pumping, let's jump off this E-View bungee tower and sail off into this interview with an Ogre.

Boomer I want to thank you for taking time from a busy schedule to chat with us and give us a perspective, a small window if you will, into the life of a Game site Webmaster. Your name is well known throughout the gaming community and it is a real honor to get to meet you! That being said, I would like to start out with asking you this, how old are you and how long has it been since you first started out as a Webmaster on the Internet?
Ogre "I am old, twenty-three. I have been on the Internet since the good ole days of 1995. I have seen things change a lot. I can remember when IE and Netscape didn't even exist.".
Boomer (Laughing) I can remember when computers didn't exist and that's the truth, but enough about my old age. For those who don't know, what country and area do you live in?
Ogre "I live in the United States in the upstate of South Carolina.".
Boomer Oh man does that bring back memory's, I took my Army basic training at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina! Are you married or have any family that lives with you there in South Carolina?
Ogre "I am single and yes I live at home. It is cheaper that way ;)".
Boomer Well my 21-year-old daughter would agree with you on that! Besides running a successful website and writing (excellent) reviews, what do you do for a living?
Ogre "I am a PC technician. I work on computers all day. Though it is not really what I want to do, it isn't too bad to start out with.".
Boomer Right, and saves you all the time and hassle of tech. Support for computer related problems, knowledge I wish I had…. Invaluable! I know that the RCT site RCT Station is housed at your network. I also know that a lot of people would like to know when you first met Red Phoenix, the Webmaster at the Station and started working together. Would you mind telling us how that came about?
Ogre "Well I actually met Red Phoenix back in either late 1999 or early 2000 I believe. I was thinking about closing the site due to lack of time and he contacted me asking if he could take it over. I went ahead and said yes and have never looked back. Red is one of the coolest guys I know on the web!".
Boomer Agreed! Red has been doing his Webmaster magic act for a long time now. Your own site deals with many different games, in many different categories and I'm sure you have seen many swim by your eyes in your time. You have played many and reviewed many and somewhere along the line RCT had to come across your desk. Did you play it, did you like it and did you or your staff review it when it first came out in 1999?
Ogre "Yes, it is true that I have seen many good and bad titles come across my desk. When RCT first came out I was actually unaware of it. However, I have always been an avid rider of roller coasters. One of my friends showed me the demo and I was immediately hooked. At this time I was with a gaming network known as Game Glow. And needless to say I reviewed it and yes indeed loved it.".
Boomer As we all did! Then in October of this year (2002) RCT2 came rolling out! Some think Chris Sawyer dropped the ball with this one, others think It's the Holy Grail of the RCT universe, have you played it and what do YOU think about it?
Ogre "Yes I have played RCT2 and I as many others have mixed emotions about it. I think it is great to have more of the same, but I think there good be even more personally. I also believe that this is just a stepping-stone. Chris was probably forced into creating RCT2 by the new owners of Hasbro Interactive, Infogrames. I simply have no doubt about that! But I do think he is working on a much-improved title as well and this in between title was released to help fund it.".
Boomer I like the sound of stepping-stones, it gives promise to the future of RCT. I know you have had interviews before on your site, with various well known people throughout the gamming community, have you ever had the chance to talk to or communicate with Chris Sawyer the creator of RCT?
Ogre "Actually I have never met Chris online. That would be cool, but it hasn't happened yet.".
Boomer Everywhere I travel throughout this vast Internet, when your name comes up there always seems to be a lot of respect and admiration for you Eric. The name Ogre is almost synonymous with the word respect in the gaming community! I'm sure you have earned that and I would not want to be one to treat you any different. But I am a little curious about the way you always seem to talk about yourself as if in the 3rd person. That has almost become a trademark of yours, how did that come about?
Ogre "Well the Ogre can't take credit for being the first to speak in third person. He actually saw an episode of Seinfeld where one of the characters was talking in third person all the time. It annoyed Jerry to death. But it probably wasn't until The Rock started doing it that the Ogre thought he would do it. After all he use to watch wrestling all the time.".
Boomer (Laughing) Now ya know I HAVE to ask you this next question! My site members over where I hang out at RCT2.com would never let me come home if I didn't ask you this one. You are a game reviewer, which is your business; so your answer to this question might have more merit then others. What are your all time favorite 3 games to play?
Ogre "Oh this is a toughy. On the list I would probably have to boil it down to Prince of Persia, Age of Empires, and of course Roller Coaster Tycoon. I think these titles just have something special.".
Boomer Any good 3-D games out there that you would recommend?
Ogre "If you like to have a little bit of action sometimes, then I recommend No One Lives Forever 2. This title not only has a boatload of action, but also some good comedy.".
Boomer Comedy is good in this day of gloom and doom games. Do you see anything new, technology wise, on the PC game horizon that we should be watching for?
Ogre "At the moment I think the biggest changes we are going to see are going to deal with displays. CRT technology is rapidly fading away and LCD technology rapidly improving. However, with the invention of Plasma screens, I think we are going to see some truly revolutionary advances in displays, which will improve the gaming experience.".
Boomer What about shared online gaming where opponents play each other over the Internet? Is that going to become even more popular or fade away into the either regions of the vast Internet cyberspace?
Ogre "Online gaming is only going to increase. There is no reason for it to die. I really do think that in the future the lines between multi-player and single-player will be hard to identify. Also, network technology will advance and hopefully eliminate network faults we know of today such as lag.".
Boomer Out of all the game sites on the Internet, which major game site, besides your own, do you think is the best one right now?
Ogre "Well I really wouldn't call Ogre's Network a major game site. Out of the big ones right now I think the good ones are Game Spy and Adrenaline Vault.".
Boomer Glad to hear that, I have Game-spy on my favorites list. Do you get games for free from the big distributors to review that you get to keep for your own collection?
Ogre "The answer is yes, but not always.".
Boomer Lucky Ogre! How many games do you own anyway?
Ogre "Too many to count!?".
Boomer You write a column called “from the Lair”, and you have written many other articles as well. Your style of writing is very good and read by a lot of people. But what is the pay-off? What inspires you to keep on writing and putting your stuff out there, month after month?
Ogre "Well I just like to write. The pay off is that it helps me keep up my writing skills. It was what I am actually striving to be, a writer. I am trying to write my own novel at the moment.".
Boomer I hope you will remember me and send me a copy of that novel when it's finished. Is burn out or lack of feedback a problem for you? Sometimes I get so tired of putting in so much work on writing articles and never hearing back as to whether anyone even read or enjoyed them, sometimes I'm tempted to just quit and walk away from RCT and the whole RCT community. Do YOU ever feel like just giving up and walking away from the whole game review scene and the whole gaming community?
Ogre "Honestly, yes I have. But I have received good comments on my work and that is always inspiring. Also, it gives me an outlet to be creative. Therefore I don't think I'll ever leave.".
Boomer The Electronic gaming world is fed games and support by many various large game makers and corporations. One of those large game giants is Infogrames (who distribute RCT2). Infogrames has received a lot of criticism lately for the sloppy way RCT2 was shoved out the door and for announcing RCT2sday (a supposed bonus for RCT players) on their website and then not following through with anything. Also many bugs have been reported rising from the CD copy protection system they used and have never offered to fix. What is your opinion of Infogrames as a whole? How would you rate them for support and just plain availability to those that buy their games and have questions or comments?
Ogre "I have never fully dealt with Infogrames until now. As for support I believe all these companies are about the same, there really isn't any. I think it is because there are so many people out there buying their games that they really can't help with general questions. This is why there are fan sites.".
Boomer In your experienced eyes what is the very BEST game company, big or small, that you have dealt with?
Ogre "Oh this one is going to be surprising to some, but I say Microsoft. Microsoft is awesome to deal with. I don't care what others say about them, they are all right in my book!".
Boomer And the worst?
Ogre "Argh, definitely Electronic Arts. I do not care for this company at all. They are very hard to deal with and are not very friendly. I believe all they are here for is profit. May be not in the beginning, but they are now.".
Boomer Once you take friendliness and respect out of anything people related, the profit will usually, eventually, crumble as well. It has been very interesting having this interview with you; Eric I knew it would be. BUT before I leave the lair and head back to my world I have to ask you one more question. Would you do my RCT2.com family a favor and take a journey over to our forums and say hi to all your fans over there? I speak for all the forum members there when I say your visit would be considered an honor, we welcome everybody there but Ogres are especially welcome!
Ogre "The Ogre would be happy too!".
Boomer My time in the lair has come to an end; I must let the Ogre get back to what he was doing before I came along pushing, prodding and poking (not good to rile up an Ogre!) Again I must say thank you for giving me this interview, I know you don't do many of them. It has been an extreme honor to talk to you and from the entire RCT community and myself, thank you for your time and for tackling some hard questions from the rather twisted mind of Boomer.
Ogre "Your welcome.".

Boomer has left the Lair. Climbing through the darkness and heading for the light, Boomer didn't have time to stop and think about the bones and piles of old rusty armor from those fallen comrades who had gone before him, (never to return) that caused him to stumble and grope his way out of the Ogres lair.

Breaking through to the sky, to the light, to the world so lovingly familiar left behind, so many seemingly ages of Empires ago, Boomer stood and took pause. The sword was not the weapon of choice thought Boomer to himself, for an Ogre a laptop is best and maybe a game to put on his shelf. Sheathing his laptop and mounting his steed Boomer took one look behind him and said, “ha, mean Ogre…. Indeed”! Turning towards the sun and a far away place called home, A tired Boomer and his tired steed disappeared into the horizon, tired but unharmed. Left behind a distant thunder foretold of storm clouds brooding in the near distance. And as the dark storm ushered in the edge of darkness between day and night, for a moment the black opening to the Ogre's lair could be seen, but then it too dissolved into the inky black night.