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E-views with Boomer An Interview with a Chief

Man, when Sam finds out about this, I’ll be on thin ice for sure. It was a simple matter of killing two birds with one stone. Why have to fly back across the Atlantic in the cheap seats, when I could get all of the pain over with in one. He sent me to the Netherlands to review Polder Kolder and now I’m winding my way through North London looking for my next interviewee. He said he wanted to continue with the Staff interviews, so I’m doing my job, right? The cab driver drops me off in front of an Indian restaurant and I enter cautiously. I was told by e-mail from my victim, that this is where we would meet. The smell of curry permeates the air as I enter. The next thing I know, I hear “Scoop, over here”. There he sits, chowing down on a plate of Chicken Tikka Masala. I pull up a chair and order my meal, Chicken Sizzler With Saffron Rice. With the formalities out of the way, I pull out the old notepad and pencil. Well, here we go, ladies and gentleman, I now serve up our very own Chief Moderator, Metropole.

Scoop: Metro, how about giving me some of the personal details about your life. It’s obvious that you like Indian cuisine, but how about sports, hobbies and such.
Metro: After a night at the curry house, I like to burn off the calories I just gained by playing a lot of Soccer. I love the game with a passion and play for a local football team on Sundays. That is where I get most of my exercise from, but I do sometimes play a bit of Tennis or Badminton when I get the time (which is rare these days)
Scoop: I see you’re a student. Do you have any particular career you are studying for?
Metro: At the moment I’m studying Psychology, Geography, History and Information Computer Technology in my last 2 years of school. After school, I hope to go to university to study Geography, but there is no particular job I am aiming to get just yet.
Scoop: You’ve been around the RCT Community for a while, can you tell us how you got started on your rise to the top.
Metro: In fact, this month I am celebrating the end of my first year in the RCT Community. I first found out about the community when searching for a competition to enter to see how I faired as an RCT2 player (I never owned RCT1) Incidentally, I stumbled across RCTCompetition.com (It figures) and entered. Whilst spending a bit of time there, I found RCT Station, and this is where I really started to get involved. I was in awe at the amazing parks I saw which I didn’t think were possible, and all of the people were friendly and helpful. My RCT2 skills were (to put it lightly) pathetic, but I quickly began to improve and post a lot. I think that is what got me renowned. I was a top poster at the site.
Scoop: Happy first birthday, how about filling my water glass, this stuffs starting to eat my tongue. I see visit RCT Fun in your sig, what’s that all about?
Metro: Not too long ago, our very own Mama Bear offered me a position as a staff member at RCT Fun. I don’t do any of the technical stuff, but I soon hope to work on some fantasy projects for the site and it’s great to work with such a brilliant team.
Scoop: I'll have to agree with you on that one. With your busy schedule, how do you find time to play RCT?
Metro: I usually alternate. Most of my time at home, I spend on the computer. I usually come onto RCT2.com and sort out everything needed, when I’ve checked everything, I go into RCT2 and start building. I don’t usually spend that long on the game due to time pressures (work, school and soccer) but I try to fit as much RCT2 gaming in as possible, because I really enjoy it.
Scoop: Can you tell us about any current projects you have going on in the RCT world?
Metro: I currently have a lot on my hands RCT2-wise. I recently started a 200x200 solo park themed after a video game I enjoy: Soul Calibur. It’s the kind of project that I love to work on due to my interest in the theme, and I usually just construct it a bit at a time, that’s why progress is going slowly. I’m starting a joint project with fellow RCT Innovation extraordinaire, Supertrooper, with a fantasy feel to it as well as helping Angel out with an ancient themed mega-park. That is all I’m working on in the near future, but I have plenty more ideas that I would like to implement into my next park.
Scoop: Whoa that is a pretty full plate. I can't wait to see the results of your hard work. Custom objects and rides seem to be the topic of choice in most forums. Do you have any that you are hiding up your sleeve?
Metro: I’ve never been an artistic man, but I have made a few custom objects in my time. At the moment, I’m not working on anything, but there always comes a time when I need an object to be made. Depending on the difficulty of the object, I will either have a go at it, or ask a professional to do it for me ;) One thing I just cannot work out is animation. I consider myself as more of a parkmaker, however, it would be interesting to learn how to make objects properly.
Scoop: Do you find the limitations of RCT2 to be annoying?
Metro: Extremely, there are so many amazing objects out there and it’s such a shame not to put them into parks. I do somehow manage to get all the vital scenery I need, but it would be nice to have luxury of extra. I don’t believe the limits will change in RCT2, which is a real shame.
Scoop: Here’s the classic question: If you met Mr. Sawyer, what would you say to him?
Metro: I would definitely ask him why he left RCT2. It has gone downhill since (as we all know) and it would be good to know if he cared or not. I’d also ask if he was happy with what Atari has done to the game (which I would assume he isn’t)
Scoop: (Thinking) "Cared or not", I'll have to make a note of that in case Boomer or I get lucky and find the rascal. Let’s change track for a little bit. I know Boomer was always pinching pennies and Sam isn’t a whole lot better. But, what do you get for all of the hard work and time you put in at RCT2.com.
Metro: It always seems worth it in the end. It’s great fun to work with such a talented team on the RCT2.com staff, and it’s a pleasure to be a help to members who require it. It’s also very rewarding when a member personally thanks, or compliments you and it’s a real confidence booster even if you do get the insults in there as well. But most of all, it is great to know that I am doing something beneficial for such a successful and renowned site.
Scoop: Looking to the future, do you think RCT and RCT2 will endure for any length of time?
Metro: With such a wide community and new members getting involved all of the time, I can easily see the RCT series going strong for another year, if not longer. There are so many new ideas being thought up and with such people as Amazing Earl and Toontowner who constantly provide us with new exciting things to use in our parks I personally don’t see it going downhill for a long time yet.
Scoop: Do you think there is any hope of RCT3 ever being produced?
Metro: No, I believe that Atari have bought RCT and now left it to rot. I can’t see an RCT3 coming out, so we’ll have to rely on the fans to provide us all with more.
Scoop: That's a pretty definate answer. I see you have finished your meal and my curry laced meal has just about finished me, are there any parting words or bits of wisdom you would like to share.
Metro: * Puts corny hat on * I’d just like to thank the staff team at RCT2.com for working so hard on everything. Especially James for helping me get started on the Chief Moderator job and Sambo for taking in the site and running it so well despite difficulties. I’d like to thank you for sorting out all the technical stuff that I couldn’t do :p and Mama Bear for being so supportive and helping with any problems I’ve had. Every one has really done themselves and RCT2.com proud, and the future looks bright. I just have one question though…what’s for dessert? ;) Thanks Scoop!
You're welcome my friend. Dessert, I’m fumbling around in my gadget bag for some antacid tablets and he wants dessert. Mark is still chuckling from inside the restaurant as I head out to meet my cab. While my face seems to be getting more and more flushed, I wonder if all of the pain and spicy food was worth it. You bet, good albeit spicy food and great conversation. Well, that’s another one off the books. Who’s next, I’m not gonna tell. You’ll just have to keep checking back to read about the reactions of my next victim.


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