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E-views with Boomer Boomer's E-View with Oblivion, Author of the Beast Trainer

Oblivion... Beast... These names conjure up images of terror and of possibly a world gone wrong! A world suddenly thrust into the apocalyptic era of swift judgment and un-holy power. Visions of pale riders on white horses delivering swift retribution for the various sins I have committed. Of course these kinds of thoughts and imaginations are common place in my bizzaro mind and didn't necessarily seem more out of place then other odd shooting thoughts constantly bombarding my aging brain.

But all these rather colorful, dramatic, and surreal thoughts were thankfully put to rest as I became more knowledgeable of RCT and in particular when I stumbled across a RCT trainer one day that increased my RCT game enjoyment by 100% I soon came to look on words like, "Oblivion" and "The Beast" with new thoughts of enjoyment and having more fun with RCT then I had ever had before. Oblivion came to mean more like a RCT angel to others, and me, then an angry devil getting ready to send me off into oblivion. "The Beast" now became a word changed into "The Best" when it came to trainers, for this amazingly addictive game. At least that's the way I felt. The beast trainer became a valuable part of my RCT stables of trainers and patches. And not just mine but also many other RCT park makers and design engineers across this large gaming world.

So it was a little like I already knew this man called Oblivion, before I even met him. He, in turn, knew nothing of me or the many other players out there who used his trainer daily. Both for fun AND competition. Oh he knew there were peeps using it all right! He had to set up his own forum just to field the questions and comments from both disgruntled and ecstatic players alike. The beast trainer was catching on and catching on fast. Just when I thought I had it all, he would come up with a new version of Beast that was better then the last and made you set back and say "HEY... that's just what I needed"! When a trainer provides that "extra" toolbox that wasn't provided in the game, you have an increased advantage in beating scenarios, for sure, but you also have powerful tools for master creations and massive fun. And let's just admit it, FUN, is what any game is all about.

When I first had the Idea to do an E-Interview with Oblivion, I wasn't sure he would do it. He didn't know me and I think he may have had a hard time trying to figure out just exactly what it was that I wanted from him. I had deluged him with a wall of psycho-babble excited E-mails about him giving us his views, hopes and thoughts on RCT II. In the wake of the doldrums-like, absence of information over long periods of time, interest in RCT had dwindled to an all time low in RCT and most patches, utility and trainer makers had dissolved into the either regions of the RCT universe. And some have never returned... yet. But Oblivion kept plugging on, refining and fine tuning his master creation, the Beast trainer. It kept getting better and better and what more could ya ask for then a free, tech support site, of sorts, to help you use it. Dr. J threw in his Saved Game Modifier, which is a kickin utility by the way, not a trainer, but other then that bout the only trainer still in development is The Beast.

That is why I wanted to do an E-Interview with Oblivion. With the news of a fall release of a new RCT game by Chris Sawyer, all RCT hell has broke loose. Now it's a new playing field and all bets are off! Utility makers and "old-timers" are starting to re-surface and there is a "wicked new" collective feeling of both excitement and dijavu. So in this spirit of "something new is coming", Oblivion politely took the time to share with me what was in his head concerning the upcoming RCT II.

It is NOT easy to try to answer a strangers fevered questions when at this point just about everything is pure speculation on the shrouded release Of big II. How do you voice your opinion and thoughts when you don't really have much to go on? Still, oblivion was gracious and agreed to answer some questions and do this E-Interview with me. He comes from a long way across the sea from here and resides in merry ole England. There must be a little sumpin, sumpin in the water over there! First Chris Sawyer, then Oblivion, and a host of other talented young, puter smart, folks, including the admin and mods over at rct:2, where I hang out. Right now Oblivion is a software engineer and somehow finds the time to be a student and to do his RCT work (play) and run a kickin site of his own called "Coaster Grotto", and still be patient and tolerant with this time sucking, pesky at best, E-Interview guy called Boomer. LISTEN TO THIS! Oblivion told me that "RCT is the ONLY computer game I play", I relate, I say "Blivion... you da man"!

Sooooo. Without further ado and more random ranting let's get down to it and have an E-chat that I call "On the Edge of Oblivion"

Before we actually got down to it I asked Oblivion about the time thing, how was he doing and what was he doing. His answer was matter-of-fact but the things; the words he was saying rang impressive in my ears!

Oblivion "I now spend a lot of my time working on my website "Coaster Grotto" (http://www.coastergrotto.zzn.com), which was recently nominated for coaster site of the year in the Coasterbuzz Choice awards. As well as having one of the largest collection of theme park reviews on the net, it is also home to the Beast Trainer, and the RCT Download Page, featuring several of my RCT real park recreations. My first ever fantasy park for RCT, "Battersea Park and Zoo" is also due for release shortly, and this will mark the end of my contribution to RCT I".
Boomer Ah, sounds kinda sad, put like that, "this will mark the end of my contribution to RCT I." Man, what a contribution that was too! But there's always hope for NEW things and speaking of that, I've been wondering if you are looking forward to the new RCT 2 release, by the master Chris Sawyer, promised for release this fall by Infrogames?
Oblivion "It was nice to get some official news of RCTII rather than all of the rumors that have been flying around over the last year or so. I am sure when more details and some screenshots have been released that I will be more excited, but it is still along way off from release".
Boomer Yes, I know what you mean. In the meantime though, I have noticed, a large swelling of forums and popularity in the RCT sites springing back up with renewed spirit and refreshing... hope! BUT, what do you think? Do you think the sequel will be as good as or better, then the original?
Oblivion "I think RCTII will be a very subjective experience. I think Chris will work very hard to make it better than the original, but getting the balance right will be very difficult. It needs to be different from the original RCT so as to generate new interest, but not too different so as people feel they are playing a completely different game".
Boomer Indeed, the original RCT and its two add-on's, zoomed to the top of the charts and dug in, still there from time to time. Can't go wrong with that formula. But on top of that solid base what NEW things would you personally like to see?
Oblivion "I would be happy to see the game continue as it is now, but I don't think this will happen. I would like more rides, particularly flat rides, better peep AI, side stalls (why these were not in the original I don't know), and a 3D mode to explore the park and rides".
Boomer Yeah, we all are hoping for things, some more then others, but I am curious about one point of reality called... technology advancement. How far do you think we have advanced, technology wise, since the first release in 1999?
Oblivion "I think there have been many significant advances in gaming technology that would allow RCT to improve in many ways myself and others would like to see the game improve. I just hope that what ever happens the game looks as realistic as possible (not like that nasty Sim Theme Park), and isn't to processor hungry.".
Boomer (Laughing) Hah, I know what you mean about "nasty Sim Theme Park." (Laughs again) But I do disagree with those who say Sim Theme was completely useless. I have found the CD case to make a rather nice coaster (as in cup holder) and the actual CD flies remarkably well when used as a Frisbee. But seriously Mr.Beastmaker, and I know this is a hard question, what would you design into the game if you were making it that is not already there in RCT I?
Oblivion "I would add a feature where you could be a guest" and explore the park in real-time 3D, arriving at the park, paying to get in, choosing what rides I wanted to go on, etc. I would also make it possible to import parks from RCTI".
Boomer Ewwww... could that be a subtle sign that there may be another NEW trainer 2, lurking on the RCT 2 horizon, as if a beastly Mirage? (Well, okay, what I really asked was, "Do you think you will make another trainer for RCT II)?
Oblivion "I started work on the Beast Trainer for the original RCT because the game and other trainers did not allow me to play how I wanted to play. If RCT II plays how I want it to then I don't think they'll be a need for another trainer, however, I sincerely doubt that it will, so a trainer will more than likely be required. Work on a trainer for the sequel will also depend on how difficult Chris makes it to cheat. No doubt a patch will be required, and it will be a long hard process of finding all the addresses for the cheats again. I will certainly consider writing a trainer for RCT II".
Boomer All right!! Now I distinctly heard you say, "I will certainly consider writing a trainer for RCT II." That is good news! What about your current trainer for RCT? Is it still a work in progress or are you through with developing for right now?
Oblivion "I do not plan on doing any more work on the Beast Trainer for the current version of RCT.".
Boomer Man, this sure has been a wild ride, this RCT experience from the genius mind of Mr. Chris Sawyer. A masterpiece, fun, sim/game that just keeps on tickin. A very special, set-apart, PC game that just plain... rocks! What do you think has set this game apart from all the other sim games? What has Chris accomplished with RollerCoaster Tycoon that other sim games just don't have?
Oblivion "RCT probably appeals to all fans of SIM games, but with the added advantage of thousands of coaster enthusiasts throughout the world. It gives enthusiasts the chance at designing and running their own parks, as well as having recreations of their favorite parks. I would imagine a large percentage of enthusiasts with a PC bought RCT".
Boomer I know I sure did. What does your present trainer NOT contain that, in hindsight, you would of really liked to have put in there?
Oblivion "I spent many hours researching fast water rides, unlimited staff, and various forms of peep control, but was unable to get any of them to work. I would also have liked to have had the time to make the trainer "in game", but this meant a complete re-write of the trainer at the expense of new features".
Boomer And that would take a lot of time, a lot of YOUR time! Speaking of time, I know you gotta go, but before we let you slip out da house, there is one more question I have for you that, to me, is the most important question that I have to ask you. What have you gained by making a trainer available to the rct community? Another words, we've gained a lot by your trainer but what has its development and hard work given to you?
Oblivion "Apart from gaining more experience in C++ (as this is not my main language), the trainer has given me a lot of reward knowing how many people use and enjoy the trainer. It was difficult when I first started programming the trainer, since the Beast Trainer was the last trainer to be developed (not counting the Save Game Modifier as a trainer). People expected it to do everything Dragons and TRG trainer did when it was released, which was not possible. Instead I concentrated on new and original features, and gradually incorporated most of the standard features in subsequent releases. The Beast is my first attempt at a trainer, and I am proud to say that many people feel it is the best trainer for RCT".
Boomer And I sir, am one of those people. Thank you Oblivion for your time and considerations on this E-Interview. It's an honor and a privilege to get to meet you via E-mail and have a chance to hear your POINT of VIEW.

The Beast (maker) has left the house! And what a beastly interview this has been for me. I love meeting these RCT celebrities, these legends in this crazy, addictive, RCT adventure. And there's some other real, puter-smart, men and women and boys and girls out there, just coming in to their own claim to RCT fame, as "The Holy Grail" gets closer and closer.

Things look bright on the PC game horizon, and besides Chris Sawyer, talent and style abound in trainers like Oblivions and many more patch, trainer, and utility makers for RCT. We gonna have fun! And thank you Oblivion and all you others for making it so!

Boomer walks across the now darkened and empty chat room headed for home, home page, that is at rct:2 website. He stops for a moment, turning around, only to hear his own footsteps echoing around the abandoned room. Could it be, muses boomer, that someday, I too, will become a legend in the RCT world? Only the sounds of boomers booming laughter seemed to remain as the chat room door closed silently behind him.

But remaining behind, shrouded in darkness, was a ghost…. a ghost of a beast, and some day, that beast may live again!