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E-views with Boomer Boomer's E-View with Chocobogo

While traveling around in this RCT online Universe I like to make many interplanetary port stops in my PC Internet spaceship, seeking knowledge, information and the scent of something new and exciting at RCT sites throughout this strange, time-twisted, game centered Universe.

As I wander these galaxies aimlessly, my portal opens up at every stop along the way and I always see somewhere in my vision a word or a link in those old familiar colors, In that old familiar style, that winks and says CHOCOBOGO. This site has become almost like a beacon to wandering RCT travelers everywhere, trusted and true.

There may be bigger sites. There may be newer sites. The hip, happening RCT sites ebb and flow like the tides of shifting sands but in the fog and through the howling nights of RCT weirdness, the Chocobogo lighthouse stands, shedding the light of RCT, if only briefly, to the wandering space travelers of RCT cyber-space, well trusted, both familiar and secure.

I've decided to "thrust down" on the Choco landing pad and pay this lighthouse keeper a visit. I am drawn to this familiar beacon to learn more of the history and experiences of a well-known RCT site and the thoughts of Chocobogo about RCT2. Choco immediately cleared me for landing and I was soon yakking away with him in the safety of the softly lit chat chamber, being served Spaceglot and tiny Zimbie wings (not the big nasty ones) by the most beautiful "bot" girls I have ever seen! I must say Choco lives in style here in the voids of RCT deep space and I must also say that my imagination runs rampant from time to time.

That being said, lets cool the jets while we relax and enjoy RCT Chocobogo style.

Boomer Thank you for your time and thoughts here today Choco, guess we might as well get started. Chocobogo is almost a household name in homes where RCT is played. What has been the life span of the Chocobogo RCT site since it's concept and first time up, until now?
Chocobogo "I launched the site on 27 May 1999, and it was hosted on geocities complemented with Yahoo Mail as my email server, as soon as I started to get 1MB + files sent to me I was filling up my Yahoo mailbox and also using up my free 15MB of geocities space so I decided to relocate to Free-Online who offered unlimited space! The site visitors grew and so did my content up until a point in summer 2001 where I was closed down for exceeding the bandwidth quota of Free Online by 6 times! I tried in vain to re-launch my site but it kept on getting closed down, until finally after nearly a year of downtime and countless emails wanted the site to be re-launch I decided to get in contact with the guys over at Tycoonplanet, who were too happy to host me"! :)
Boomer (shaking his head) Well, they say one mans loss is another mans gain, I'm just glad you are back! From the first wave of RCT enthusiast about three years ago when it first came out, and to the many waves of fans who came after, your site was a beacon to many who were lost in the fog of a new game called RollerCoaster Tycoon. What steps, if any, are you taking to address the wants and needs of RCT2 players when it comes out some time later this fall?
Chocobogo "I have a good idea now of what the "average" RCT fan wants from a site, and reading all the info so far on RCT2 I cant see it demanding much more from a site than RCT. I hope to get my hands on a copy ASAP and get to work on the RCT2 section of the site".
Boomer Sites all across the RCT universe are springing up and lighting up as RCT players, both new and old, are warming up to the news of the long awaited release of this "Holy Grail II" by Chris Sawyer, do you anticipate an increase of both content and members at your site now or in the near future because of this?
Chocobogo "It is always nice to see new sites opening up, the trouble is they all offer the same thing, for an RCT site to exist it needs to have something to offer that other sites don't, many of the new RCT sites are short lived and I find that a bit sad. In the time my site was down to the time I came back only a few sites that weren't around before exist now. There will inevitably be an increase of sites due to RCT2, we have already seen some, whether they will last or not I can't say"!
Boomer Nor can anyone else! This RCT online universe is filled with quirks and black holes and always unpredictable. With those first three "biggie" questions out of the way, I was just curious how much E-Mail you receive at your site in a week's time?
Chocobogo "It varies, not all the stuff I get I can post, I get a lot of questions about RCT even though I tend to direct them to the Forums on the site, I do reply to all my emails. Some weeks I get more submissions than others, but usually I can expect 10 - 20 parks, a few ride packs, tips, questions from other webmasters, I get a wide range of emails to look forward to"!
Boomer You seem to be doing something right; your name is on most peeps fav. list for RCT sites, I have researched this and know that for a fact! Are there any big changes for the better or worse coming up on your site in the foreseeable future?
Chocobogo "The often referred to as "bizarre" colours seem to have gelled over the years, whenever I re-design my site you notice I never change the colours, they seem to be the favored RCT colours! :) I always plan to add sections to my site, but never anything big enough to not recognize straight away that it is Chocobogo's RCT"!
Boomer I have noticed that, a long time ago and I'm glad you have kept them the same. They are defiantly YOUR colors! What is your favorite site or sites across this RCT Universe, other then your own, to go visiting or to check out?
Chocobogo "I often check out RCT Station, other sites I like include Tycoonplanet, RCTUK and Tycoonresource, they are all doing a great job in providing the best service for the RCT gamer".
Boomer I often check out RCT Station myself. From what you have seen of the news releases and the screenshots, are you satisfied with what Chris has accomplished in RCT2?
Chocobogo "Its looking good, but I, along with many other people am a bit disappointed that there is no 3D feature which has been on top of the RCT2 wish list. Independent developers have picked up on the demand for this feature and we now how programs like No Limits and RCTGL in development to try to offer this feature".
Boomer I am looking forward to Tim Miller's new 3-D viewer also! What NEW announced feature in RCT2 "turns you on" the most?
Chocobogo "The new coasters that can be seen in the screenshots look awesome, I love mucking about and experimenting with all the different types. The more the better!! The improved ride creation feature looks good; hopefully there will be more twists and loops etc. that can be added to the coaster! I wonder what the max intensity will be for RCTII coasters"!!?
Boomer Hopefully those ratings will all go up to tolerate the newer type 4D coasters we anxiously await! One of my standard questions, gotta ask ya, were you hoping for 3-D or a nighttime mode?
Chocobogo "As I mentioned above, there is no mention anywhere that RCT2 will have a 3D mode, but maybe they are keeping us all in the dark, which brings me nicely to my next point, night time mode would be useful, but if it is a feature I think that it will have to have had a lot of though put into it as there would obviously not be any peeps visiting your park at 2am!! And you wouldn't want to wait until the morning before peeps start to visit"!
Boomer I don't mean to change the subject so abruptly but (lowering voice reverently) Have you ever gotten E-mail or any kind of correspondence from Chris Sawyer, perhaps in the forums, over the period of time that the Chocobogo site has been in existence?
Chocobogo "I did have one interesting email from a Chris Sawyer, way back when my site was starting up, he said "keep up the good work" along with some other compliments, I didn't take it too seriously as it could have been a hoax, but I like to think it was him, I have no doubt that he goes around looking at the RCT sites out there and downloads some of the ride/parks etc."!
Boomer I am sure he does! He might not like everything he sees in the RCT online community but I'm am very sure that he is aware of most everything out there. I know that RCT2 is available for pre-order at your site for a very reasonable price. Have YOU pre-ordered it and can you keep us advised for a while in the beginning how well this Ultra-hot sequel is selling?
Chocobogo "I am glad to see that some of you are supporting my site and I think there have been nearly 20 pre-ordered through my site, my order was first in the queue! I'm sure there will be a boost in the number pre-ordered as we get a finalized release date and start to close in on it"!
Boomer (Laughing) Well, we know what you are going to be doing during the month of October... and aren't we all! Before I have to let you go, what other PC or console games do you like to play Choco?
Chocobogo "I am playing MOHAA at the moment, it is great. I sometimes go back to my favorites like Unreal Tournament, Red Alert and Duke3D. I am hoping to get Soldier Of Fortune II soon also. I also have an XBox, which is awesome, HALO rules, I am just waiting for some more games to be released over in the UK so I can play it more. And who can forget RCT, which I play whenever I get the chance! I'm not sure if any of you have heard the rumors that RCT2 may be coming out on the XBox early next year, I'm not sure how true this is but it is an interesting concept"!
Boomer The winds of those rumors have brushed my ears also and only time will whisper back an honest answer to that most interesting question. Well I certainly have enjoyed finally getting to know you a little better Chocobogo, Even site masters in this crazy RCT Universe, such as yourself, have become RCT legends. I know you are very busy and I will let you go and I'll blast on out of here, but one last time, THANK YOU, for your time and letting me "touch down" and drop by and chatting with both me and others who know well that Chocobogo name!
Chocobogo "Its been a pleasure, I am always willing to share my views on RCT with the RCT community, after all Chocobogo's RCT wouldn't be what it is today without the RCT fans! Keep RCTing"!

Boomer has left the port! This E-View is in the can! This ship is set on AUTO! Wonder where I'll touch down next? 0 gravity surrounds me and teases me with sleep in its weightless, timeless embrace. I am old and must surrender to its tender touch so Good night or Good morning, whatever YOUR case may be and from Choco and Boomer... Sweet RCT dreams!

The roar of Boomer's engines fade quickly to whispers of distant thunder. The hurdling ship vanishes into the either regions of cyber deep-space towards sites and regions unknown. But left behind at www.chocobogo.com, in the enveloping dark, cold, fingers of Cyber-space, A faithful beacon blinks its familiar colors defiantly through the cold darkness. CHOCOBOGO... it seems to declare with style. CHOCOBOGO RCT... it blinks again reassuringly... and all is well in THIS quadrant of the RCT Universe.