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E-views with Boomer Boomer's Interview with Pops

A fishing Interview, how good does it get? When I decided to do an Interview with an old friend of mine I was hoping to have fun with it but wasn't expecting what Pops offered me next as a place to do this interview. "Let's go fishing", he said, and a long plane ride and a short time later I was waking up in Pops guest room and getting ready for bass fishing and doing an interview with him about RCT2.

Early morning in the hazy green rolling mountains of Virginia is a awesome time to watch as the lazy morning sun stretches and sends it's first fiery orange rays out to greet and embrace the fertile earth and dew covered fields and lush greenery of this beautiful countryside. I watched with interest as Pops wife packed a cooler with country ham sandwiches and plenty of cold spring water and sodas. Pops sons, Dude and Big Chris were coming along to handle the boat and other stuff leaving Pops and me free to fish and do the interview.

The slow rising morning sun had turned the usual light green tea colored water of lake Anna into a shimmering silver orange that disappeared into the horizon of an azure blue sky. I was at peace with the world and ready for this trip and interview and so was Pops. The temperature was supposed to be in the high seventies this day. The mist rising from the lake gave it an almost mystical feeling as we shoved off in Pops boat, a Tracker Nitro 750 powered by a Mercury 135 Optimax. In no time we were cutting across the orange colored lake at 50 mph heading to one of Pops "secret" fishing holes.

Pops shouted at me over the drone of the engine and spray of the water and said proudly, "We're equipped with a Hummingbird LCD fish finder, Pinpoint GPS, temperature and PH reading equipment. We have a good assortment of rods and reels along with enough bait and tackle to open our own store". I wondered if we would ever get around to the RCT interview, we were having a ball. In the distance, across the lake, a Nuclear power plant reared up from the shore as if some kind of giant smoke breathing alien monster who's mission it was to guard the lake. Pops said, "We won't be going that far because the fish taste funny and glow after dark".

Finally, trolling along with our poles out basking in the warm morning sun we began a leisurely interview about RCT2. Interrupted by the occasional bite from an unsuspecting Bass and the familiar sound of a cap leaving a soda bottle we conducted the following interview. So let's get to it and I'll tell ya later who caught the biggest fish.

Boomer Thanks for this great fishing trip Pops. I want to ask you a personal question right off the top. The name Pops seems to insinuate you are an older man. Can you tell us how old you are and where you got the name of Pops?
Pops "Man you really start off with the good questions. Mmm, Older Man, my wife prefers using the word big kid. Over the last 56 years of my life I have gained a lot of wisdom, patience and waist size but I'm still a kid at heart. I still play kickball, laser tag and shoot hoops with the neighborhood kids. My two sons' gave me the tag of Pop's. It used to irritate me to no end but it kinda grows on you after awhile".
Boomer Yeah, I know what you mean; my wife accuses me of being a 51-year-old kid also. I know you are a man of many talents and abilities Pops but how long have you been wearing the site masters hat?
Pops "About 2 months at RCT South. At work I have 3 sites for commercial purposes that I have been maintaining for about 4 years. Don't let the amateurish look of RCT South fool you as you might be surprised someday"!
Boomer (jumping up foolishly almost tipping over the boat and everyone in it) "I got one", I shrilled! (Then as my line goes slack along with my face, I sit back down embarrassed by my excited outbreak and continue on with my questions as if nothing happened), When did you first discover RCT Pops?
Pops "Let's see it must have been about 6 months after its release. We were on one of our weekly foraging trips in town at Wally World (Wal-Mart). While the wife was busy blowing the credit card out of shape, the boys and I were in the Electronics area stocking up on essentials. We had seen it on TV and I had read reviews about it. Needless to say, after we installed it I was addicted. I have spent many sleepless nights and long weekends with this insidious game. I would also like to thank Josef Drexler and all of the trainer writers for contributing to my addiction".
Boomer I am a fellow RCT addict and understand and relate, adamantly! I almost feel stupid asking you this next question! But here it comes anyway; will you buy RCT2 when it comes out?
Pops "Does a bear go in the woods? I have 6 copies reserved at our local software store".
Boomer (Laughing) Well from the smile on both of your sons faces I can tell where 2 of them are going. But do you think anything will have changed Pops, from the original version of RCT and the new RCT2?
Pops "After reading all of the interviews and news releases it sounds like Mr. Sawyer has tried to keep the playability of the original game. The addition of a scenario editor and more shops/stalls is a big plus. The screenshots that have appeared show a lot of attention has been given to internal hacks like scenery stacking and such. The last interview I read said it was 98% complete. What I wouldn't give to be a beta tester".
Boomer Yeah, tough job! There's someone probably getting paid to do it too. I would pay Mr. Sawyer to let me Beta test. Are you pleased with what you see in the new screenshots of RCT2 Pops?
Pops "Very, I can't wait to play with the Six Flags stuff".
Boomer What will you and your site and staff provide for assistance to RCT players at your website RCT South?
Pops "Right now the site is stocked with reviews, tips, interviews and downloads. I am blessed with a talented staff that will gladly answer questions from both the old and the new players of this great game. With the release of RCT 2 we will be adding that content also".
Boomer For the record and for those who don't know you I have to ask you this, do you have a family and if so do any of them play RCT?
Pops "Yup, a wonderful wife of 31 years and 2 teenage sons. Both of my sons play the game on a regular basis and have become very good at it. I will be posting some of their coasters in the downloads section in the near future".
Boomer Other then RCT South, what other RCT websites to you like to visit?
Pops "They mainly consist of RCT Station, Chocobogos, RCT Headquarters, RCT2 and all of my affiliates. I pop in and out of many more sites than this, but these are my regular haunts".
Boomer What other games do you like to play on a PC or any other game console?
Pops "I've basically given up on console games and stick mainly to the PC based ones. On the PC side would be Delta Force, Need For Speed, F22, RCT, Flight Sim, Quake, and any of the Atari arcade games".
Boomer Okay, I have a 2 in 1 kind of question for ya now Pops. What are your 2 most favorite Theme parks in the world? 1 for theme and 1 for coasters.
Pops "Another tough one to answer. For coasters it would have to be Cedar Point and for themeing... Busch Gardens Williamsburg".
Boomer I thought you said there was BIG fish in this lake? Anyway, If you were told by Chris Sawyer that he would incorporate one feature into RCT2 of your choice, what would that feature be?
Pops "Beer Garden! No, really the ability to ride the coaster you just designed and built".
Boomer Beer garden would be great! (Laughing)The peeps could stagger around drinking and burping and puking that green puke for the handyman to clean up. (I pause, lost in the moment, and then continue) Why do you think RCT has become so popular to both young and old alike?
Pops "It's ease of play. You really don't need the manual to get started, just play the tutorial of Forest Frontiers to get the basics and then have a ball designing and building the world's best Park".
Boomer Well put Pops... well put. Well since I haven't had a serious bite yet I guess we better wind up this interview and get down to some serious fishing. I want to thank you for not only your outstanding hospitality while I'm here but also for sharing your time and thoughts with us on the long awaited RCT2.
Pops "Well Boomer old friend, I thank you for stopping by and swapping tall tales and hopefully catching some good fish to boot. Any time you're in this neck of the woods give me a ring and we'll do it again Southern Style.".

We were supposed to be back by noon but soft shadows of twilight were forming before we finally rolled in to Pops place. Pops caught the biggest fish but there were strong smiles on everyone's face! I don't know if it was from the most excellent day on the lake or from the delicious smells wafting out from the kitchen. Mom had prepared Pops favorite meal, a good steak and baked potato with sour cream and butter and southern style biscuits golden and warm. Some time later, after the stories and laughter and lies, Mom served up a wedge of hot apple delight and homemade vanilla ice cream. Not too much later the crickets and the fireflies joined together in concert and lulled me off to sleep in my big country bed and all was well with Boomer.

The next day, as my plane lifted off into a baby blue sky and headed out over Lake Anna, I looked down at the reflection of a reflection, as the plane seemed to move in lazy slow motion, trailing puffy, marshmallow like, white vapor trails behind it. Inside the plane heading me grudgingly back to reality and the real world, I half muttered to myself and the guy next to me... "Man those southern folks sure know how to live"! And with that insane thought still ringing in my seatmates ear, he and I and the lazy plane vanished into the pale blue horizon leaving behind what may have only been a sweet country dream.

From Boomer, Pops, and the staff at RCT South we bid you good night and sweet RCT dreams!